My hands are starting to look brittle and have protruding veins. Is fat grafting for the hands good for me? Edward

Hi Edward, fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or fat injections is a natural, minimally invasive treatment for those seeking breast/buttock augmentation or replacing age-related lost volume and subtly smoothing out wrinkles. Fat is removed, using liposuction from various parts of the body where there is a substantial amount, such as the thighs, abdomen and/or buttocks. The fat is then centrifuged, or purified, to separate the healthy fat cells from the damaged ones, and injected into another area of the body that is lacking in volume. Fat transfer or grafting is recommended for hands that may look brittle with protruding veins, bones and tendons. While there are various factors that can cause this, ageing more than any other thing, causes this on hands that lose its volume and become loose and relaxed. One benefit of fat grafting when compared to fillers and implants, is that the results of fat grafting lasts 10 times longer – up to 10 years, and because the source of the ‘organic filler’ is already in your body, it is perfectly well tolerated in the long term. Fat grafting into your hands is effective for adding volume, “plumping up” wrinkled areas, covering underlying vessels and tendons and improving the quality of your skin over time.