I’m having nose surgery but am afraid of needles. I’m worried about how anaesthesia will be administered. I’m also afraid of the blood panel they usually take before surgery — Is this test necessary? Karen R.

Hi Karen, thanks for your question.  Fear of needles is more common than you’d think.  You can try twilight anaesthesia which is like an intravenous valium; once you awaken from being under it, you won’t experience nausea, a headache or a hangover.  This is the same anaesthesia given IV (Intravenous) during a colonoscopy called propofol. Some patients prefer this type of anaesthesia because it reduces bruising compared to general anaesthesia. It is extremely safe, and patients often feel great after surgery just like they had a great night’s sleep.  Sorry but the blood tests are necessary to do to test for diabetes, urinary infections, bleeding disorders, etc. before the surgery.  While blood can be extracted from other parts of the body, the blood it will yield will be “old” i.e., at least 20-35 minutes old which means it may not have an accurate reading of your blood glucose.