I want to have a tummy tuck. Should I look for a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon? What’s the difference?

The appropriate doctor to consult for the tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgeon  While cosmetic and plastic surgery are both concerned with improving a person’s body, they are different in the training and goals for patient outcomes.  For cosmetic surgery, the goal is to enhance appearance by improving symmetry, proportion and aesthetic appeal on all parts of the head, neck and body.  Cosmetic surgery is elective because the body parts being treated actually function property – the desired change is simply on the surface.  On the other hand, plastic surgery is intended to reconstruct facial and body issues due to birth disorders, trauma, burns and disease.  This type of surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas and is reconstructive in nature.  Breast reconstruction, burn repair surgery, cleft palate surgery, hand surgery and scar revision surgery are examples of plastic surgery.