I have small bladders or sacs containing liquid on my mid cheek grove. I want to get rid of them, what’s the best procedure for this

Hi, thanks for your question.  Some doctors treat this condition through surgical removal, oral diuretics and steroid injections, but these may yield minimal and often temporary results. Instead, a specialized laser resurfacing process will treat the condition and manage the critical wound healing protocol following the procedure.  Laser skin resurfacing creates a wound in the area of the sacs and coaxing the skin to heal this area with better quality skin.  By purposefully damaging the skin with just the right amount of injury, the skin can heal without any problems with scarring and, in fact, with better quality skin.  In contrast, invasive surgical procedures are more time intensive and provide results which are often less than optimal. Treating just parts of the face through laser skin resurfacing takes about 30 to 45 minutes. A full-face treatment takes up to two hours.  Following the laser procedure, the treated areas will be bandaged. After 24 hours, you will need to clean the treated areas four to five times a day and then apply an ointment such as petroleum jelly to prevent scabs from forming.  Swelling after laser skin resurfacing is normal. Your doctor may prescribe steroids to manage swelling.