I had nose surgery but after 7 weeks, the tip is still very swollen. Is this normal? Sab

Hello Sab, thanks for your question.  Swelling after nose surgery is not uncommon. It takes about 12 weeks for your nose to be “camera ready,” so while you are understandably concerned and anxious, your experience is fairly common.  Wound healing is a complex biological process, a large number of cell types are involved in the process.  Multiple factors can impair wound healing by affecting one of more phases of the process.  Some factors that influence healing are oxygenation, infections, age, presence of sex hormones, stress, diabetes, medications, obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking, and nutrition.   Four weeks post op, most patients are healed, except for swelling in the tip of their noses.  You should expect to notice subtle changes in your noses for up to a year.  I would suggest that you give yourself a little more time to see the results of your surgery as people heal at a different pace.