How can I tell my nose is broken?

Hi thanks for your question.  If you’re experiencing pain in or around your nose,  have swelling or bleeding, a stuffed nose that could point to blocked nasal passages, bruising around the nose and eyes or if you hear a rubbing/grating sound when moving the nose, it is possible that you do have a broken nose.  You didn’t mention how you hurt yourself, nor your age.  Some groups are predisposed for a broken nose – these are children and older adults – which both have bone health concerns and experience falls more than other age groups.  Once diagnosis and/or an x-ray confirms that you have a broken nose, corrective surgery (a closed reduction, rhinoplasty, and septorhinoplasty) will be done 3-10 days after the injury, once swelling subsides.  If it’s a minor fracture without misalignment, medical treatment may not be needed. Regardless, surgery can only happen within 2 weeks of the injury, and pain/discomfort from the surgery will decrease within 3 days of the surgery.